Club Car 20

The Lionel Railroad Club of Milwaukee, Inc. is
pleased to present this twentieth in a series of limited edition Milwaukee Road cars.

The Discovery World "Reiman Aquarium"
Saltwater Carribbean car.
Limited Edition

This aquarium car was developed with Discovery World and the Milwaukee-Lionel Railroad Club, Inc. The Reiman Aquarium is located at Discovery World on Milwaukee's lakefront, and features a wide array of aquatic life from the Great Lakes, North Atlantic, and the warm waters of the Caribbean. Bring some of these saltwater fish home with you in our limited edition "heated" aquarium car. With the aquarium hi-res logo/artwork on the beautifully matching two-tone paint scheme, it will be an outstanding addition to any fallen flags, Aquarium, or Milwaukee Road collection.

The car features 13 species of Caribbean fish, Puffer, French, Angelfish, Yellowtail, Hogfish, Porkfish, Blue Runner, and more...

Manufactured by Lionel LLC. It will feature a powerful maintenance-free motor with on/off switch, illuminated interior, die-cast trucks, magnetic operating couplers, metal base, and brake wheel. Minumum curve: 0-27, Car length 10 1/2”

2010 issue 6-52572 #4704

'Aqarium Car still available.'
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